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Key Element 2-Aptitude vs Perception

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

“Their perception does not have to be your reality.”

This is the second posting in a four-part series. This one is a bit more blurred in the eyes of the civilian market. As military members, we have voluntarily chosen to serve our country and, if needed, are/were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Regardless of our rank, we all made the conscious choice to serve our nation; and we were all ultimately responsible to the mission, personnel, and equipment on our installations. With this understanding, rank becomes a matter pay scale and level of functional practitioner proficiency and accountability.

Translating your skills and accomplishments from military aptitude to civilian application can be a challenge. More than likely (regardless of rank), you were responsible (to varying degrees) for several to many hundreds of personnel (directly or indirectly); thousands to millions, perhaps even billions, of dollars of equipment; and ultimately to a cause/mission that few civilians would understand (acknowledge-yes, understand-more than likely not). Those that would understand would be civilian personnel in the career fields of law enforcement, fire-fighting/first responders, defense, national security, and other similar careers.

I (as well as many other current/prior military members) have been told by potential employers that my military experience does not translate/equate/pertain/relate to XYZ/civilian job(s)…DO NOT EVER BUY INTO THAT MENTALITY – it absolutely does! The key is to translate your skills and experience into relevant and marketable civilian skills.

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