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Reason 3-Fallacy of More

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

“The hidden costs of many.”

This is the third posting in a four-part series. I have heard a company can hire two less skilled people who meet the minimum job requirements for the price of one employee who exceeds the requirements…this may be true to a degree. I would assert however, at twice the benefits, twice the training, twice the background checks/security clearances, and more than twice as long for experiential return on investment (experience can be an exponential factor)-there may be a bit of fallacy involved in the real numbers argument. I would also assert the person with experience that exceeds the requirements may very well be more efficient in process, time, effective decision making, and overall performance; as they have perfected most/many of their skills. The question then becomes: Is it really less expensive to hire two lesser skilled employees versus one highly qualified employee?

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