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Key Element 4-Keep a Positive Attitude

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

“The dollars you will save your new employer…”

This is the final posting in a four-part series. How many times have you been told “no” in the military? Guess what? It is going to happen in the civilian world too. Just like in the military, do not take it personal, remain professional, and hold your head high. You need to remember your value…as a professional, and monetarily from the investment in your military training. Regarding our military bearing/professionalism…sometimes this can come across as aloof or distant – be professional but a bit tempered, like when you attend a mandatory training; professional but a bit relaxed. The time and monetary investment the military made in you makes you a highly skilled professional and it commands a degree of acknowledgement in the civilian workplace; and a college degree in addition to your training will help to distinguish you among other applicants. Security clearances are another huge bonus to civilian employers. So, do not sell yourself short; you are a highly skilled professional, we just need to help you find a job/position/career you will be happy in and that is worthy of your skills.

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