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Reason 1-Misconception of “Overqualified”

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

“You wished for $1,000 and received $1,000,000-take it!”

This is the first posting in a four-part series. I have read many posts regarding “overqualified” job applicants (internally and externally). I believe there is an inherent misconception regarding “qualification” for a job position. Either a person is qualified (meet the minimum and/or desired requirements) or they are not. The question remaining is if they are qualified, to what degree are they qualified? Do they simply meet the minimum requirements? Do the meet the desired requirements? Or, do they exceed the requirements (highly qualified). Just because a person exceeds the job requirements does not mean they will be bored, on the contrary, they may bring additional insight, knowledge, perspective, and experience. For the hiring company, this may mean more “bang for the buck” for hiring the employee. We must ask ourselves, what is the “real” reason for not hiring the highly qualified employee? Is the company concerned the job offer will be rejected? Or, is the company concerned it is offering too little compensation for the requisition?

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