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Reason 2-Candidate Application

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

“It is the candidate’s decision to apply to your company-be grateful.”

This is the second posting in a four-part series. Human resources departments and companies repeatedly ask themselves: Why would a person who possesses experience that exceeds the minimum or desired job requirements apply to a given job? This is a valid question and ultimately one that needs to be asked to the potential employee. I know if I was hiring, I would. Some of the answers may surprise you.

Answers may include that they: were laid off due to a force reduction; are looking to increase pay and/or reduce hours; are ramping down in their career-preparing for retirement; are looking for a second/their next career; are retired but need an additional source of income; are wanting to change careers/line of work; may have medical reasons; are looking to reduce stress; are looking to increase job satisfaction/gratification; are aligning their experience and/or education; simply want a change in their current role (in life or profession)-it has been known to happen.

None of these are show stoppers. In fact, they all indicate the person still has a desire to work and succeed. Aside from the fact it is a common industry stigma/practice, I would assert there probably is not a good reason to hire a highly qualified candidate. A company might say, this employee may leave after a short period of time – I would reply, ANY employee could leave after a short period of time. So, what is the real reason you should not consider/hire a person who exceeds the job requirements? 

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